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29 Free SEO Tools that Actually Works!


Here in this content we have revealed some of the great & properly working online SEO tools that would help all the internet marketers. Just have a look…

1. GT Metrix:
Finding out what the speed of the page is a great challenge. When there are many tools that to examine the speed of the page, and GT Metrix is a great way to find it. The speed of the page is of course a great deal because; it can affect the user experience. This tool is very user-friendly and offers ultimate balance between the user-friendly feature and the thorough, which makes the tool great.

2. SEO Browser:
When you want to know how the search engines take your site, this tool helps you. It takes the site without any graphics and anything for that matter, which the search engines cannot take. This is highly useful because you need not go through all the technical requirements. If you are not much of a techie or do not like the search engine accessibility prerequisites when you use Ajax, flash, etc. For all technical analysis, and bird’s eye view this tool is a great option.

3. Wayback Machine:
This tool is the complete achieve of the internet history. When you want to know how the site used to look in the past, then this tool is the choice. Tracking missing traffic can be done with ease using this tool. When there is no backup or when the number of the site goes missing, then the Wayback Machine can help you here. Use it for all the detective purposes, and see the results for yourself.

4. Xenu Link Sleuth:
This is the powerful website crawler, and this tool can be trusted to crawl all the links to the site. The tool is great for URL metrics like HTTP status code, page size, content type and much more. If you are looking for the broken links, then this is the perfect tool. This is a hassle free tool which comes for free of cost, and at least a hundreds of URLs can be found in this site.

5. Web Developer Toolbar:
Browsing the site as seen by the bots is what you can expect using the tool. The styles and images of the toolbar can be modified to see what the spiders see your site as. It is easy to find the structure, heading, and to see the best tips of marketers. Hiding referrer string when you browser is essential when you want to make sure of anonymity. This tool comes handy for this purpose.

6. Majestic SEO:
This is an analysis tool which is used to crawl the complete details of the web. The users can find the site, logs, and loads of backlinks are made available to their site. Complete access to any site can be got, and the control can be verified using the Meta tag, or the Google Webmaster tools. This is the best option for examining the link profile of your site. When there are any sites that do not let you examine the link profile, some useful data can be got.

7. SEO Book SEO Toolbar:
When you want to get the information of the site you view instantly, you can get the complete information using the tool. A few of the data you can get are link data from Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs and much more. The users can also get traffic data from Complete, Alexa, SEM Rush etc. usage of keywords, header tags, are few of the on page keyword optimization offered to the users.

8. SEO Quake:
This is more of the SEO toolbar tool. The advantage of this tool is that this tool can be found to be available on various browsers. The users can find this even on Chrome, which is always preferred. The users can find the data on links, social share, traffic data regarding the site and keyword optimization can be found using SEO Quake. The site also tells what can be made out of the data got here.

9. Google Trends:
When there are any changes in the volume specific queries, Google Trends shows it. The beta version of the trend data on topics is currently available. Keeping in pace with the market is essential for online marketers, specifically for those in the niche of technology and fashion. Mastering the online trends is made easy with Google Trends. Analyze the change of the queries, offers great profits to the users.

10. Screaming Frog:
This is another website crawler tool. The design of this tool is for the SEO purposes. The tool has the great advantage of offering the critical data of any URL. You can try it after downloading. Go for it and you will find it great. If you have any queries, for sure you will have some; you can find the user guide a great option. Even the free version of the tool has great functionalities.

11. Google Keyword Planner:
You would be knowing that the keywords are the main factors that help you increase the SEO of your site, and the site’s rank increases with the keyword you choose. You can get the keywords pulled monthly. This can be done for at least a dozen of keywords. The time taken is just a few seconds. Getting to know what visitors search for is essential if you really want to increase the site ranking.

12. Bing Webmaster Tools:
Unfortunately, the features of the Bing Webmaster Tools are overlooked. How Yahoo treats your site can be seen, because Bing is what that powers Yahoo. Not only this, you can also enjoy crawling, indexations, on page keyword optimization are a few areas, where you get an insight. These factors have a great impact on another popular search engine, Google. The help section of the BWT is another great advantage, and you never miss anything.

13. Moz:
This is another user-friendly tool compilation for online marketing. A link crawler, the Open Site Explorer, helps you to know about the metrics of the link equity. The data is shown on Twitter in FollowerWonk. The condition of the local citation of a company can be seen using the tool GetListed. The Mozbar, the toolbar of the browser, lets you know the important specs of this browser. The OSE metrics are shown by SERP overlay.

14. Google Webmaster Tools:
If BWT tells you how your site is treated by Yahoo and Bing, then Google Webmaster tools tell how your site is treated by Google. Even though you use Analytics, GWT tells how your site is seen by Google. The Search queries show the average ranking of the site, the Traffic Patterns tell you which content is ranked best. The CTR for every query is also shown. On page keyword optimization is also shown.

15. Google Analytics:
Google Analytics and SEO data are inseparable. Everyone who wants to bring up the rank of the site can never forget this. The site owners can understand about the visitors, and let them interact with the site. The tool has a free version too. The task is done neat and in a great way by the Google analytics. The closest metrics are offered which is the great advantage. This is a tool that everyone can rely on.

16. BuiltWith:
This is a plugin for chrome. This is the great tool if you want to know what the technology of the site is. The pros are the tool is user-friendly and lightweight.

17. Firebug:
For the technical SEO and web dev, this Firefox extension helps in inspecting the code and the code mockups, and much more.

18. Google Pagespeed Insights:
This a great tool for the diagnosis for page speed of any site. An alternative for the GTmetrix is this tool.

19. UberSuggest:
This tool gets you loads of long tail keywords that are boundless. For this all you need to do is to key in the keywords.

20. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool:
Finding out the meta descriptions, and the title tags look in the SERPs can be found using this tool.

21. Hootsuite:
Managing and scheduling the posts in the social media can be done using this platform. This is a great option for managing social media.

22. Copyscape:
Enter the URL of your site and in a few seconds you can see if the content of your site is present elsewhere in the web.

23. SEMrush:
Data on the traffic and keywords are shown using this tool. This can be accessed using SEObook, SEO Quake and other toolbars.

24. SpyFu:
Data on the paid and organic keywords are shown by this tool. This is similar to SEMrush.

25. Jing:
This is a tool that is meant for capturing. This is best when you include screenshots in any site or post.

26. Notepad++:
This text editor is light in weight, and in fact can be called the best because it has won twice the Best Developer Tool award.

27. Boomerang for Gmail:
Managing email from Google is easy with Boomerang for Gmail. Managing reminders, scheduling outreach emails and client follow ups is easy.

28. Dropbox:
Want to store the backup gigabytes? Data is easy to share and store with Dropbox, and can be used to store and create a backup of anything.

29. Excel:
This is what all the marketers look for. Excel skills are sought after by all the marketers. This can let the marketers achieve great power

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